Smoky River Community Adult Learning Council

Learning Through Life

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·         Is a volunteer based program.

·         Helps adults improve their reading, writing, and math skills.

·         Provides free and confidential one-on-one tutoring

·         Offers English as a second language and French as a second language tutoring.

·         Raises self-esteem and confidence through successful learning experiences.

·         Creates awareness of literacy issues.

What is Smoky River Adult Literacy Program?

Literacy Facts:

·        One out of every three adults in Alberta possesses reading skills that limit their ability to deal with much of the written material they encounter every day.

·         1 in 7 adults in Alberta is at the lowest literacy level.

·         22% of adult Canadians have serious problems dealing with printed materials.

·         Today's new jobs require highly literate workers.

·         Higher levels of literacy decrease unemployment rates.

·         Lifelong learning is important in acquiring new competencies and qualifications.

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